Rules and Regulations

For a successful completion of the GSBC-EIC curriculum, the PhD students have to fulfill al list of requirements.
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  • JERS and JERW

    During the semester each Wednesday from 2pm on, seminars and workshops of the GSBC-EIC take place. PhD Students are obliged to attend at least 80% of the JERS and JERW.

    Jena Economics Research Seminars

    During JERSs, invited scholars of international meaning are invited to present their current research projects. The presentation usually takes 60 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of general discussion with the audience.

    Jena Economics Research Workshops

    During their PhD students have to present present their current work at least three times. Each presentation is followed by a prepared discussion from another PhD student and a general discussion with the whole group. Additionally, one PhD student is devoted to write a referee report on the paper and to chair the session. The papers to be presented have to be send to the discussant, the referee and the coordinator two weeks before the JERW. The time schedule is as follows: 25 minutes presentation, 10 minutes prepared discussion, 25 minutes general discussion.

  • Course Program

    PhD students have to successfully fulfill the curriculum (36ECTS). These courses are offered e.g. by the GSBC-EIC or by the Central-German Doctoral Program in EconomicsExternal link.

    curriculum EICpdf, 97 kb · de


  • Summer School

    The GSBC_EIC offers usually a two week summer school. Students are welcome to participate in this Summer School. Detailed information will be announced each year.

  • Thesis

    In this document we try to summarise some issues that might be helpful when you plan your Ph.D.

    Contents of the PhD thesis

    • Traditional way of writing a monograph (not applied in the GSBC_EIC)
    • Paper oriented way to write a PhD thesis contains the following
      • At least 3 papers
      • At least 1 single authored paper
      • An introduction of 12-18 pages containing:
        • The general problem addressed
        • Summary of the papers included
        • The communalities of the papers included with respect to problem, method, data base
        • The final chapter is a conclusion
          • Briefly summarizing your work,
          • Putting it into perspective and
          • Identifying further research desiderata

    Doctoral examination procedure

    • Required material based on § 4 Abs. 1 PromO

      • Application letter for doctoral examination addressed to the dean of the department
      • Application for a defence in English (optional)
      • Certified copies of your university degrees
      • Certificates of the successful participation on the Graduate College EIC (1 certificate of the course attendance; 1 certificate of seminar presentations)
      • 4 copies of your PhD thesis including:
        • CV in tabulate form (embedded in the hardback of the PhD thesis)
        • Statutory declaration (Eidesstattliche Erklärung) (embedded in the hardback of the PhD thesis)
        • Summary in German (approx. 4 pages) (embedded in the hardback of the PhD thesis)
        • 1 CV in tabulate form and 1 well phrased CV
        • Statutory declaration (Eidesstattliche Erklärung)
        • Clearance certificate for those candidates who are no PhD students of the FSU (not older than 3 months)
        • Summary in German ( 4 pages)
        • Evidence of payment of doctoral examination fee

    (All the required forms are provided by Dr. Kristina von Rhein; phone: 9-43004)

    Defence of your PhD thesis

    • Presentation of the core issues of the PhD thesis including the overarching framework (30 minutes)
    • Preparation of a hand-out for the jury
    • Preparation for 30 minutes discussion
    • Opening the first Champagne