Seminars and Courses

The Graduate College offers Courses and a two week Summer School for Phd Students. Additionally, Seminars and Workshops are organized on a regularly basis.
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Summer 2022

PhD Courses (for details please look at our calendar):

  • Human capital, technical change, innovation and growth (Prof. Dr. Silke Übelmesser)
  • Global Governance (Prof. Dr. Andreas Freytag)
  • "Basics in the Economics of Innovation II" (Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner)

Master Courses open for PhD students (for details please visit the websites of the respective chairs):

  • Organisationsstheorien​ (Prof. Dr. Peter Walgenbach)
  • Empirische wirtschaftspädagogische Curriculum- und Lehr-Lernforschung (Prof. Dr. Petra Frehe-Halliwell)
  • Decision Making (Prof. Dr. Armin Scholl)
  • Tarifvertragsrecht (Prof. Dr. Achim Seifert)
  • Advanced Public Economics I: Public Policies in Open Economies (Prof. Dr. Silke Übelmesser)
  • Extraterritoriale Anwendung der Grund- und Menschenrechte (Prof. Dr. Christoph Ohler)
  • Organization, Institutional Change and Sustainability I (Prof. Dr. Stefanie Hiß)
  • The Organizational Reproduction of Inequality II (Prof. Dr. Stefanie Hiß)
  • Empirical Methods (Prof. Dr. Oliver Kirchkamp)
  • Economics of Innovation III: Economic Dynamics and Structural Change (Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner, Dr. Martin Kalthaus)
  • Studies in Entrepreneurship (JunProf. Matthias Menter)
  • Topics in Empirical Banking (JunProf. Huyen Nguyen)

Also, please kindly check the website of the Central German Doctoral Program in Economics (CGDE for Advanced and Special Courses.