Seminars and Courses

The Graduate College offers Courses and a two week Summer School for Phd Students. Additionally, Seminars and Workshops are organized on a regularly basis.
Doctoral Hat

Summer 2023 

PhD Courses (for details please look at our calendar):

  • Basics in the Economics of Innovation (Uwe Cantner)

Master Courses open for PhD students (for details please visit the websites of the respective chairs):

  • Patent data and networks (Holger Graf)
  • Economics of Innovation IV (Innovation Policy) (Holger Graf)
  • Prognoseverfahren (Christian Pigorsch)
  • Stochastische Prozesse und ihre Anwendungen in der BWL (Christian Pigorsch)
  • Open Economy Macroeconomics (Roland Winkler)
  • Advanced Public Economics II: Education Economics (Silke Übelmesser)
  • Advanced Public Finance (Silke Übelmesser)
  • Quantitative Economics II (Oliver Kirchkamp)
  • Innovation Systems (Matthias Menter)
  • Climate, Sustainable Development and Innovations (Matthias Menter, Andreas Freytag)
  • Financial Intermediation and the Real Economy (Daniel Streitz)
  • Organizations, Institutional Change and Sustainability II (Stefanie Hiss)

Also, please kindly check the website of the Central German Doctoral Program in Economics (CGDE link) for Advanced and Special Courses.