Each Year, we organize a two-week Summer Academy

Farewell Summer School 2017
11th Summer Academy on Innovation and Uncertainty
The 11th Summer Academy on 'Innovation and Uncertainty' was held from July 23rd 2017 to August 5th 2017. Lecturers were: Elliot Ash, Andreas Chai, Russel Gray, Marco Guerzoni, Benjamin Hampf, Oliver Kirchkamp, Joel Sobel and Silke Übelmesser. Courses offered were: Bayesian Methods, Migration Economics, Introduction to the Analysis of Big Data, Productivity and Efficiency Analysis, Text Analysis and Machine Learning in Social Science

There will be no summer school 2024.

Participants 12th Summer Academy 2018
Participants 12th Summer Academy 2018
Image: Martin Kalthaus

Each year we organize a two-week summer school for our PhD students as well as external PhD students. 

The Summer School is integrated in the interdisciplinary environment of the Jena Schumpeter Center for Research on Socio-Economic Change. During the past editions, the Summer Academy has proved to be one of the most inspiring gathering worldwide for what concerns the novel fields of economic research related to innovation, entrepreneurship, economic evolution, and methodological approaches. Over the years, highly distinguished scholars provided the participants with outstanding lectures at the very frontier of scientific research.

The aim of the Summer Academy is to create an environment that brings senior researchers and PhD students closer together, supporting and promoting the start of new projects by organized group works, studies and unique collaborations. Therefore, it represents the best occasion for young researchers to experience a fascinating “guided tour” to high quality research.

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